What I’m about to share might seem like old news, but, it’s something that has affected me personally and I’d wish that you’d learn from it.

We have all heard the debate over the SOCIAL MEDIA (the ills and benefits of it). We have all, at one point or another participated in this debate. But, this really isn’t a debate, it’s a balance.

Before I start, I would love to say a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys, you’ve been great for reading my blog posts.

This week has been hell for me, for the first time in history, I found myself in the middle of my dreaded thought, comparing myself with people on the social media. In time past, I had condemned people who compared themselves with these people on the social media who pose that life is all fine and never actually post the bad and the ugly. I’m a graduate of the University of Ibadan, and I’m popular amongst those that know me, yet, for some reason I haven’t felt accomplished. I kinda felt that my mates are making waves and it’s like I’m on one spot applauding their “success stories”. Where do I start from? Last year/ this year, I had friends that bought cars, got jobs, got married or travelled. It seemed to me that life was passing me by. Seeing these things made me really down and bothered; for the first time in history, I actually knew what depression was. It’s like there’s this stage one gets to, one begins to feel left out from these things they post online.

But, I’m here to tell you something if you’ve ever felt this way before!! Not everyone you see there is being real with you. You do not know what they face. You do not know how many tears they shed in real life, when you don’t see them. You don’t know the source of their money, the way they got to where they are. I believe that as much as we’d argue and agree that the social media is good on some platforms, it’s bad on so many platforms too. People are dying everyday, not because of what they see on these social media, but, because of the effect of what they see on the social media. These things fuck with your mindset (pardon my language). They create this make-believe world that everything is good and nothing is bad and because you’re not part of this fantasy, you’re left out.

I’ll just drop some tips and I’ll make you change your mindset;

  1. Stop comparing yourself with people; especially those on the social media.
  2. Earn your living in a legit way.
  3. Wait for your time. People rush into money and rush outta life.
  4. Money isn’t everything. The fact that people pose with cars, money and houses doesn’t make them rich.
  5. Be real in everything you do. Don’t live a fake life. If you’re not rich in your family, hustle hard for cash in a legit way, so that you’d have something to flex yourself with.

BTW sef, think about this, why do some of these celebrities, with all the money and fame they could acquire, commit suicide?

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