The African girl child

Truly, I know I cannot speak for the girl child and it’s basically not in my power to write something about this. But, it’s dehumanizing how insecure and insignificant they could feel and how the African society sees them as weak.

I would begin by stating that this is my perception and it’s not an academic work. In fact, this is an inspiration from the Whatsapp display picture of a friend of mine..

Truly, I have seen a little bit of discrimination against these wonderful people and I can boldly say that it’s not a nice thing to see.

How many times have I seen teachers destroy the morale of the African male student with this,

See how stupid you are, allowing them (the female student) get higher scores than you…..

They say that and it’s like they cannot believe that a girl can do better in academics than the boy. They say that as if the boy is less than masculine in intellect than the girl.. They say that, passing a wrong message to the both sexes..

To the girl it’s like saying, “Who are you to be better than the guy?” and to the boys, it’s like saying, “I’m ashamed of how lowly you could be debased”.

We need to change our orientation. God that created us made us equal. He never mentioned anything about the inequality he had placed in the society.. That one has been our own making. Why?

Why do we allow this to happen?

The development of an entire society is hinged on everyone of us. No sex excluded. But no, a family would rather send their male child to school than the female counterpart, as if the brain capacity of the female is littler than the male. I actually read an article about the belief system of the ancient European world and how they viewed ladies. In summary, they were sewn as sex slaves, house wives and ‘filthy’ house keepers.

When the man is done in the company, he comes back, doesn’t even show any cognisance of the wife’s presence (aside the fact that he has sex with her and eats her food) and then he sleeps.

It’s a bad belief system to place the girl child below the boy child.. It is also a wrong system to place the girl child above the boy child. Both of them are equal and should be equally treated. If truly we want progress, we should encourage GENDER EQUALITY in all spheres of our lives.

Someone shared an experience, she said,

My grandma came home one day and saw my brother and I washing plates. She exclaimed “HA!!!, this is wrong, it’s not a boy’s duty to wash plates. He should be washing the car instead”

I truly cannot see why I, as a boy cannot wash plates, sweep the house, wash clothes and even assist in the kitchen. Who told you that for a man to cook food in his house, he must have been used by his wife?.

Why do you so much cherish pictures of a man and a woman in the kitchen helping one another? I saw this nice picture with this stupid caption.. The picture was of a man cooking while his pregnant wife was standing at the entrance of the kitchen.. And this was the caption on that picture “Is it right for a man to help his pregnant wife in the kitchen?”

If this has been your question, then DO NOT MARRY.

Who told you that a man helping a woman in the kitchen to cook is adorable? It isn’t. It’s his duty. There should be nothing like a man’s job or a woman’s job. For a man to be a secretary at his workplace and because of that, is scorned in the society, is tantamount to a hate crime. What you have done is to call good, bad and tarnish the image of an innocent man.

I could go on and on. But, let me stop here.

This is cheers to the girl child. Your suffering in this world is not your fault. Your unequal treatment is just too sad. But, your strength is my drive.. Cheers…


Glasses clanking 🍷


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