Why I’m a sociologist!

I’ve got a background to this and I don’t intend on displaying pictures. I’m here to be frank.

Look, people have always asked me, “WHY SOCIOLOGY?” “why not engineering, medicine and surgery etc?” and at this moment, I’ve gotta explain.

I’m not a sociologist because I read extensively and am expected to write extensively too. I’m not a sociologist because I applied to law and was offered admission into sociology instead. I’m not a sociologist because I was forced out of my father’s house, so that people around wouldn’t see me idle. I’m not a sociologist because I just wanna study something.

Rather, I’m a sociologist because I’ve been taught to think critically. To view this world as a simple maths equation; to tackle and solve problems. I’ve been blessed with the mindset of an analyst; with humans as variables and not numbers. I’ve been taught to sight general problems and find manageable solutions; no human problem can have a permanent solution. I’ve been taught that nothing else is constant but change. I’ve read the society as a peaceful one with parts functioning for the proper running of the whole. I’ve also read that conflict is perpetual in society. I’ve read and have heard that humans interpret phenomena based on meanings attached to them.

Bottom line, I read about your future and I can predict what any group would probably do by examining situations. Don’t mess with me!!!



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