Featured post: Exercise and dating 

Before I start, I would like to wish you a happy new month; from myself and my blog.

So, I decided to feature exercise on my blog. Most people would wonder; how does exercise affect dating? How do the two of them relate?. For people that know the answers to these unanswered questions, congratulations; you must have passed through this stage before. For those who still have these questions unanswered, this is for you. 
I would like to say informally that I need to read this blog myself, because I’m not in good shape. 

I’m gonna site some embarrassing self-examples, but, they are lessons for the wise. 

What’s the aim of exercising? The most suitable answer would be to stay fit. As suitable as that sounds, some people, like me underwent exercises for entirely different reasons. 

When I started my university education and even the time before then, I was quite slim; now, don’t mistaken slim with someone who has packs and all. I only was slim and quite handsome. I was the ladies man; the kinda ladies man that was weird and that the ladies would want to talk to but will always have no idea what to say back to them. Anyway, this was making way for me, because when I eventually became brave in university, I used the slimness and my cute face to approach them girls and I was quite popular. But, ball-buster kicked in, almost all of a sudden, at the beginning of my second year in university, I started growing fat. People started to wonder what was wrong with me. Most people that cared, approached me to tell me that I was growing fat. The people that cared for me started to increase as even people that wanted to mock me also stood in line to embarrass me; some of them actually started to tug on my man-boobs. It became embarrassing that I began wearing my shirt to the bathroom, so that people wouldn’t notice them. Anyway, truthfully, I still have them and I’m no more embarrassed about them. The only thing that gave me strength was that though I seemed fat, I was freaking strong. Most people noticed that and they started to mind their businesses. Anyway, the second year was a tough time for me. I decided one day to register in a gym to grow muscles instead of fat. Anyway, I thought that my fat was embarrassing, until I was told that it was genetic. I went to the gym for like 3 to 4 months, and I was waxing strong. Even with that, some people still echoed the old news into my ears, telling me that I was growing fat which actually gave me more boost to gym. Turned out, I started to grow muscles, but my man-boobs were still there. I didn’t know what to do. I was frustrated. Because of that, I decided to buy me some big-ass shirts, to cover them man-boobs. Anyway, I tried to please people, but it’s freaking different to please everyone. So, I decided to stop gyming.  *but, I’m still gonna hit the gym anytime soon. It’s been over a year*. 

Because of the embarrassment, I decided to keep to myself and my books and to my music production (Yea, I’m also a producer). Anyway, I didn’t relate to girls that much anymore except to play with them while hiding my feelings. So, for some time, I was still ashamed until I decided that I would focus on five things; God, my books, jogging, music production and food… *at the time, I wasn’t a blogger*.

I actually remember a particular day that I decided to talk to a girl and the first thing she did was to tell me that I was fat and she pulled them nips. *that just heightened everything for me*. I drew myself a timetable. I decided to start jogging every morning and then, eat little food and keep going on that way…it never worked. I then decided to hug the way I was.. Like, to like my body the way it is. I thought that it was the end of relationships for me. 

In my third year, a friend of mine told me that she had had a crush on me since secondary school and she asked if she could be my girlfriend, and we started dating. Now, I noticed that it was like I began to have many female friends again. People started to like me more. When we broke up, I had another one, the one I’m presently dating. She loves my body the way it is. She prides in the fact that I’m both strong and proud of myself. I decided to gain confidence in my body. 

The lesson is that if your guy or your lady loves you because of your body, then, you’re wasting your time. The reason is, the day you grow a little fatter than you once were, you’re anticipating a breakup. So, true love should only be based on character and trust. True love is unconditional and it looks inwardly and not at what you look like on the outside. 

For you who feel frustrated because of your body; you think you can’t find true love because you think you’re  gross; screw those thoughts, they only harm you and nothing more. The best thing is that you should pride in your body. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise or eat healthily, these things are very important, but don’t start to feel discouraged if you don’t record any immediate changes, as regards your body. 

A very healthy way to exercise is with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s both sexy and a little less stressful. 

Eat healthily; take fruits, vegetables and very low-fat milk, fish and reduce carb intake. 

Exercise too: do press ups, sit-ups, push-ups, e.t.c.

Plus, have you not seen sexy fat ladies? Those that thing being fat is a crime, go home, shower, cream your body, find a very strong rope, tie to your ceiling fan and die… die. Fat people are sexy too. Bask in these beauties. 

Enjoy your love life. 
For features, please contact me via email at gbemilekeolaniyan@gmail.com or via BBM at D6046872 .


Leke signing off. ✌


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